james zero


With his debut album due in October from Anything But Kountry, James Zero is a blues rock and alternative singer-songwriter from Pennsylvania.  He draws inspiration from 80's groove bands like Blue Oyster Cult and alternative acts like Gerard Way. His new album, "hearts:_[online]", comes out on Anything But Kountry in October 2020.

Robert boland

psych rock-rap

A classically trained instrumentalist and seasoned live performer, Robert Boland always delivers something interesting.  Whether its Kevin-Parker-inspired psychadelic rock, or hip-hop with influence of King Krule, Robert Boland proves he can blend genres in a satisfying way.  2020 will see some great singles from Boland on Anything But Kountry Records.

adriel genet


Adriel Genet is a Franco-American singer, performer, and composer from whom can be found recording music with his internationally-touring band, Burn the Ballroom.  "The Lost Boy" has a single or two planned for Anything But Kountry for the 2020 release schedule.

Luna Solana


Colorado-native Luna is beginning her venture into music with Anything But Kountry.  She is currently working on featured projects, covers, and material of her own.