With over a decade of experience as a musician, Pennsylvania-native Zebulun Lego is the owner and curator of Anything But Kountry, its content and media presence.  Aside from his project, James Zero, Lego serves as the acting manager for the label.

Akhtar Hossain

Graphic Artist

"Partially Ionized" is the online moniker of visual artist Akhtar Hossain.  Hailing from New Delhi, India, Hossain handles the graphic artwork for Anything But Kountry.

nicholas curcija


Breaking away from NTS Films, Nicholas Curcija is the man behind Pennsylvania-based videography brand "OLAS VISUALS".  Curcija is the official videographer for music videos and promotional videos.

Anirudh Singh

digital animations

Anirudgh Singh is a veteran in the music industry when it comes to his work in graphic design and animation.  Hailing from India and known for his Design Tips Series on YouTube and Instagram, he can be found by searching the moniker "Paresthexia".