ABKG 001 - 14 Free Visuals by ABK's Paresthexia


Greetings to everyone in MusicLand!  Today is a special day for Anything But Kountry as we begin our official site blog!  This is where you can find information on upcoming releases from our artists, keep up-to-date on the latest instrument and plugins, and giveaways by our team!  We wanted to kick off our blog by starting with an awesome giveaway for our followers, and what better way to do that than to give back to the music community for free?   

"Paresthexia" is the online moniker of India's Anirudh Singh, who specializes in taking on digital artwork and animation projects.  He is Anything But Kountry's official in-house animator for music videos and visualizers.  For many years, Singh has developed his skill in electronic illustrations and has worked with many professional music artists.  While following his passion, he has also experimented with creating sleek animations, psychadelic visualizers, and artistic .gifs.  As a gift to content creators everywhere, specifically the online music producer's community, Anirudh created a pack of 14 free visualizers that any artist can use for any purpose that they wish.   

When opening the loaded and colorful Google Drive file, we were met with a wide variety of illustrations that we couldn't wait to open for ourselves: 14 perfectly-looped visuals, a cover photo, and a personal thank-you note from Paresthexia himself.  The first three visualizers ("Train Station", "Mirrors", and "Underground Dystopia") were remniscent of 80's cyberpunk themes.  Like artwork from the movie "Blade Runner", these visualizers made us feel like we were witnessing high-speed travel in slow motion through a tunnel that opened to a dystopian city.  The next three visualizers ("Grafitti", "Blue Rose" and "Jungle") seemed to have a similar and geometric pattern.  These gave our team feelings that could be likened to a "Hall of Mirrors".  The next two visuals ("HQ" and "Fall") reminded us of classic Spiderman games as we raced atop virtually lit buildings.  However, the final 6 visualizers were our team's favorite.  Some of the more DMT-themed visuals ("Oceanwave", "Fly", and "Acrylic") made us felt like we were on our own drug-induced trips of different nature!  The remaining ("Quantum Jump", "Contrast", and "The Throne Room") made us feel as though we were on the beginning stages of a hypnotist's trick! 

We got the opportunity to sit down with Paresthexia and ask him a few questions. 

ABK: What made you want to release a giveaway pack? 

Paresthexia: The producer community, especially people that are just starting out and in need of visuals.  I've seen producers use Beeple's free visuals more times than I can count.  It made me realize that I could use my skills to helping aspiring musicians. 

ABK: What were your inspirations going into making the pack? 

Paresthexia: I made the visuals purely using a custom FX chain in Resolume.  The first visual was a pure accident, but once I started refining the visuals, I tried to compature the style of Beeple in his earlier days.  I also wanted to create something that comes close to the visuals used by larger music labels, both in terms of style & quality. 

ABK:  Thanks for being with us today.  If you could give one good piece of advice to aspiring animators, what would it be? 

Paresthexia:  I am by no means the right person to advise anyone about animation, because I myself am learning the craft.  However, I'd like to give a piece of advice to all creators - Stay consistent, but don't beat yourself up.  Consistency will help you grow, and taking healthy breaks will flourish your creativity. 

You can find Paresthexia's "14 Free Visuals" on his Gumroad, or by signing up to our mailing list at the bottom of the page! 



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