Rob boland

Pennsylvania, USA

Being classically trained in musical theory and guitar mechanics, Rob Boland grew up playing live shows in Central Pennsylvania, forming & leading several groups and bands before creating music on his own.  With inspirations ranging from the Beatles and Bob Dylan, to Tame Impala and Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and even various sounds of hip-hop and rap, Boland's music is always an experimental fusion of sorts, grounded in blues and rock.

In 2021, Boland released his haunting debut groove rock track, "Ready//Steady", with Anything But Kountry records.  He was also featured in "James Zero & the Heroes: LIVE!" and is a vocalist on Keystoners: United, ABK's first music group.

Rob is advancing this year as a session & live musician, while stepping back into the studio, before preparing to release another single, "No Choice For The Already Chosen", with Anything But Kountry in Q1 of 2023.